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Sri Ratna Mandir
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Availability Policy

Products listed and shown on our website are subject to availability. Due to high volumes of orders and multiple channels of selling, sometimes an item may finish from our inventory before we are able to notify its unavailability on our website. In such situations, if you place an order for the item out of stock, we will notify you promptly. And as every customer is valued, we will personally help you to find another item or inform you when your desired item will be in stock again. We reserve all Rights of this website. You are not allowed to distribute, display, modify or sell copies of our website. We continuously update our website for product quantities and work to remove site errors. However, the information, product pictures and videos available on our website may include inaccuracies or have typological errors. We do not take any responsibility and need not honor any pricing or typographical error on the website. The products and services provided by SRI RATNA MANDIR do not have any kind of warranty. In case you are not satisfied with the products, we do offer full refund policy (T&C)*.